Hop Swap


A journey through two parallel worlds


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Hop Swap is a 2D platformer where you need to help a friendly little buddy make it through a world full of obstacles and traps. The twist? With just a tap, you can switch between two different worlds: the top one, and the bottom one.

The controls in Hop Swap are very simple: your character runs in a straight line at all times, so that when you slide your finger up, you'll jump and when you slide your finger down, you'll pass into the other world. You can also switch directions at any time by sliding your finger in the opposite direction that your character's running in.

The settings in Hop Swap are full of gems for you to collect. These gems let you create checkpoints at certain points in the setting. Thanks to these checkpoints, you can continue the game even if your character dies because of an enemy or obstacle.

Hop Swap is a fun 2D platformer that, like all the games from Nitrome, has excellent graphics and a soundtrack to match.
Hop Swap: A platformer where you move between two worlds

Nitrome is an expert at taking smartphone gaming tropes and giving them a different and original touch. Hop Swap is the latest addition to the long list of titles that do so. We're talking about a platformer where your character moves automatically – hello, Leap Day – and you have to go around dodging obstacles to keep moving forward. Nothing new there. The twist comes in having to move between two parallel worlds to do it.
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Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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